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Make Up To $53.45 + $33.48/Month, Per Client, That Your List Will Love!

DOORS OPEN : Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 @ 11:45 A.M. EST.

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From The Desk Of:

 Michel Sirois  Matija Balantic  Rick Lawson

Hello, JV's...

Thank you for checking out the JV page.

We would like to invite you to our product launch starting on Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 @ 11:45 A.M. EST. through Warrior Plus And JV Zoo.

This powerful training and software is about a really "ROBUST & PROVEN" EVERGREEN TOPIC – Generating 'Free Buyer Leads' - And I'm talking about LEADS that are CONFIRMED to have VALID credit cards and PayPal accounts, and that have PAID A MINIMUM of $35 for either traffic, products or services.

Below you'll find all the information you need to make tons of money from our launch!


Easy Passive Profits is a 100% never seen money-making system and it makes you RELIABLE profits in just a few minutes per day. You won't need any experience at all, tech skills or even a traffic budget because you get FREE TRAFFIC from our training and software as soon as you get in.

Inside Your Clients Get...

  • Over-the-shoulder training to monetize just like we do
  • Access to FREE BUYER leads, GUARANTEED to have paid a MINIMUM of $35 for info-products or services
  • Their own rebrandable website, because they need that to make money online
  • Their own lead software to help them maximize their profit-pulling potential
  • Their own 1-click upload rebrandable website
  • Full access to our product vault (1,500 products that they can sell or giveaway)
  • UNLIMITED support via our Facebook group

The Sales Funnel

The Front-End Offer

$7.45 + $19.95/Mo / EXIT: $1 Trial + /19.95/Mo

Easy Passive Profits


  • EVERYTHING you need to start banking 3+ figures per day in as little as 24-36 hours is included
  • Completely beginner friendly - no special skills or experience required
  • Real world case study and step-by-step video training walk you thru the money-making process from A-Z
  • Scale your income as HIGH as you want with this completely fresh method & an untapped market

Easy Passive Profits


  • Developed SPECIFICALLY to multiply and profit from your leads - we use it daily to convert leads into REPETITIVE buyers
  • 1 click set-up
  • Nothing to learn, just fill-in the blancs

Easy Passive Profits

Free BUYER Traffic Twister

  • Big reveal on how to get QUALIFIED BUYER TRAFFIC that has purchased products and services and that have VERIFIED credit cards and PayPal accounts
  • If you were to buy this type of traffic, you would pay up to $2.25 PER CLICK, but through Easy Passive Profits, you will get these BUYERS for free

Easy Passive Profits

Free Traffic Transistor

  • This training will show you how to drive traffic, effortlessly to your offers
  • Copy over my shoulder as I do it with you

Easy Passive Profits

$0 To $356 Per Day

  • Real case study that shows you how I made profits by this method
  • Completely beginner friendly - no special skills or experience required
  • Replicate in just a few minutes per day

Easy Passive Profits

Automated Sales Booster

  • In-Depth look at how you can increase your sales by just LEGALLY copy/pasting other marketers pages to profit
  • This method triples my profits, with half the traffic
  • You will really wanna see this

The One Time Offers

OTO #1: Commission Booster


With a TRAINING, their own BRANDED WEBSITE and TRAFFIC PLUGIN like the 'Easy Passive Profits' money-making system, it's super easy to promote it and get commissions, whether it's by email or through social media.

But right now, through this affiliate program affiliates get 50% commissions as it is.

But here's what I'm willing to do with you...

By grabbing this '1 Time Offer' right now, I will BOOST your clients commission from 50%... to 100%, throughout the whole funnel.

By BOOSTING your clients commissions, they will pocket 100% COMMISSIONS, on every sale, through the ENTIRE sales funnel...

And all they will need to do to get their commission boost is upgrade.

...and we'll boost their commission from 50% to 100% throughout the whole funnel...

This will allow your clients get up to $106.90 + $66.95/Month, Per Client, ALL IN THEIR  POCKET!

OTO #2: Auto-Lead Monetiza


Auto-Lead Monetiza

The FIRST Facebook Viral Traffic Software That Allows You To Add LINKS To PICS AND MONETIZE Them In 30 SECONDS OR LESS!!!

  • Includes the software (With 'Force Share' feature you can turn on/off)
  • Includes 10 'Done For You' Viral Share Kits
  • Click/copy/paste method
  • Gets leads to any pic you want on your Timeline, your groups, and other people's groups
  • All API based - Fully compliant with Facebook's terms

Auto-Lead Monetiza Comes With

Deep Training & More Free Traffic Methods...

OTO #3: Easy Profits Makers

$27 + $47/Mo / $1 Trial + 47/Mo

The Only List Building Training Your Clients Ever Need

If your clients want to truly benefit or our system, software and method, adding 'list building' to the mix can only increase their profits.

92% of entrepreneurs who become part of the Easy Profits Makers Inner-Circle will be able to grow their own profits online - which they can rely on, for as long as they want, with this EVERGREEN method!

  • Done For You Sales Funnel Included
  • Done For You Email Swipes Included
  • Done For You Traffic Source Included
  • 1 On 1 Coaching Included
  • Evergreen For Any Niche
  • Can be combined with our main offer and otos



Quick Start CheckList

Fast results are important - so we've designed a simple checklist you can follow easily. It gets you results FAST when you simply check-out items off the list.

VALUE: $97


VIP FB Group & Live Coaching

Unlike most groups 'thrown in' as a bonus, this one is jam-packed with value.

Find answers to your question with experts and fellow students and get results faster.

Ask any question and get an expert answer, while building long-term partnerships with other entrepreneurs just like you.

VALUE: $297

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Easy Passive Profits just plain works - But it's got to work for your clients as well, so we're going to take-on ALL the risk of your small investment. If for some reason they DON'T start making profits while building passive income...

They just need to let us know within 30 days and we'll send them a complete refund.

We're happy to take this risk because we know at 100% that Easy Passive Profits WILL get you results when your clients give it a try.

Look At All The Value Your Clients Get Inside Easy Passive Profits…

  • Easy Passive Profits "Quick Cash’ Training - Total Real-World Value = $97
  • Easy Passive Profits Step-By-Step Video Training - Total Real-World Value = $397
  • Easy Passive Profits Automated Software - Total Real-World Value = $797
  • Easy Passive Profits ZERO To $356 Real Life Case Study - Total Real-World Value = $247
  • Bonus #1 - Total Real-World Value = $97
  • Bonus #2 - Total Real-World Value = $297

Total Real World Value: $1,932

Get Ready To WIN
AMAZING Cash Prizes

1rst Prize: $100 (50 Minimum Sales)

2nd Prize: $50 (25 Minimum Sales)

3rd Prize: $25 (10 Minimum Sales)


1rst Prize: $300 (First To Reach 50 Sales)

2nd Prize: $100 (First To Reach 25 Sales)

3rd Prize: $50 (First To Reach 10 Sales)


Easy Passive Profits Launches In:

Sales Page Preview

Sales Page Preview

Get On The JV List & Updates

Get On The JV List For Updates

Please Enter Your Name & Email For Updates On Our Launch

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We'd be REALLY HAPPY to help us reach the next level on Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 @ 11:45 A.M. EST.

 Michel Sirois  Matija Balantic  Rick Lawson

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